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JRC’s Covid Covenant / Brit Briyut

Public health is a Jewish value. JRC is committed to promoting the health and well-being of our community, our staff and our guests, while also maintaining a vibrant communal life that is inclusive, accessible, and equitable. JRC’s leadership, members and staff are asked to commit to this Brit Briyut, a covenant of mutual well-being, which acknowledges our responsibility for the health of our community and for taking care of one another, including our children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. JRC’s approach to COVID safety includes both this Brit Briyut and updated gathering protocols.

Our Brit

JRC will commit to abide by the following:

Decision making: Maintain a COVID Task Force responsible for assembling the most up to date public health and medical guidance, and developing and updating the general and specific protocols (listed below) for our community

Multi-access: Provide multiple ways to access community events (hereafter referred to as “multi-access events”) to the extent feasible, with assistance from members who help with creative planning and technical assistance on Zoom, Facebook, and other platforms. Not all options may be available at the same time, and not all will be comfortable for every individual or feasible for every program. But by offering different options, we hope to meet most people’s needs as much as possible, as we navigate through the changing pandemic and beyond, in accordance with our value of inclusion.

Examples of multi-access events include:

  • Simultaneous virtual offering – event is live streamed or Zoom
  • Virtual offering at another time – for example watch a recording and have a Zoom discussion group at a predetermined time after an in-person event
  • Others yet to be determined thanks to the creative minds and talents of our members and staf

Communications: Communicate changes to our COVID protocols through our website and email newsletter as circumstances changes

Vaccinations: Refer members and staff seeking vaccinations to others who can assist them in accessing vaccinations, to the extent possible

Records: Maintain accurate lists of the names and contact information of all indoor, in-person attendees so we can assist in contact tracing efforts if requested

Outdoor spaces: Make use of outdoor spaces when feasible and appropriate to allow for greater flexibility regarding in-person participation

Cleaning: Carry out routine cleaning and standard hygienic practices, and optimize ventilation in our building

JRC Members and Staff will
  • Get vaccinated against COVID-19 when we are eligible, and help our community members get vaccinated if they need help
  • Follow JRC’s gathering protocols, and stay up to date as they change to adapt to evolving circumstances
  • Sign into indoor events, and provide sign-in lists for the events we organize to the JRC office 
  • Notify JRC and fellow attendees if we or our household members are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days following any gathering we attended
  • Wash or sanitize our hands frequently
  • Respect others who choose to wear masks or maintain distance even if not required by JRC or public health guidance 


JRC Gathering Protocols as of 9/29/2021

JRC’s approach to COVID-19 safety includes both a Brit Briyut and this up-to-date set of protocols, which will change as conditions evolve. All protocols are subject to change based on evolving public health guidance and the changing needs of our community. Decision making will be the responsibility of the JRC COVID Task Force appointed by the Executive Director andPresident.

Outdoor events
  • Outdoor ritual services, events with singing, and events with crowds will require all participants to wear masks regardless of vaccination status
  • Other outdoor events may allow vaccinated individuals to attend with or without masks at their discretion
  • Unvaccinated individuals must always wear masks and must maintain social distancing to the extent feasible


Indoor events at JRC – general – (beginning in September 2021)
  • Everyone who is eligible must be fully vaccinated in order to attend indoor events
  • Masks are required for indoor events with the following exception:
           -Speakers from the Bima who are able to maintain adequate distance may remove their mask
  • Food will not be served at events 
  • Seating will be arranged to allow for physical distancing between as needed
  • Capacity limits will be developed based on safety and available ventilation 


Indoor events – specific

Different events may have different risk profiles. We have identified the following specific protocols for the following:

A. JRC’s Choir
  • Fully vaccinated choir members can sing in-person indoors or outdoors
  • Masks and social distancing are required 


B. Life Cycle events involving JRC Clergy

JRC members may choose to hold life cycle events, such as B’nai Mitzvah services, indoors at JRC. Outdoor events must include a plan for inclement weather. If these plans include moving indoors, indoor protocols apply

  • All attendees who are eligible to be vaccinated must be vaccinated. JRC will provide language for hosts to share with guests
  • Masks are required 
  • Food will not be served


C. Rental Events

Rental events will follow the same policies and protocols for congregational events including vaccinations, limited capacity, masks, and social distancing.


D. Religious School
  • In-person and remote access programs are being offered
  • Pre-K through 6th grade, which include children who are not eligible for vaccines will follow the following protocol:
    – JRC will not schedule programming during Religious School hours that is not directly related to Religious School
    – Masks, social distancing, and handwashing will be required
  • 7th grade – High School
    –  All eligible for vaccines (12 years or older) must be vaccinated to attend in-person programs
  • Additional protocols for entering the building, contact tracing, and other issues are being refined and will be communicated to all Religious School families


E. JRC-Related Events Held by Members in Their Homes or Outside JRC
  • Members will follow the above protocols for events in their homes or yards
  • The host may require additional safety measures such as outdoor masking or physical distancing at their discretion


F. General Use of JRC’s Building
  • Anyone entering the building during program hours must be vaccinated if eligible
  • Masks must be worn at all times unless an individual is occupying a space by themself 
  • Anyone entering the preschool will follow JRC’s protocols along with state and locally mandated rules. Contact the JRC office for more information


Have questions or concerns, or need further information?

Contact Executive Director, Micky Baer ( 

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