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Legacy Giving

“We are planting seeds of change, the fruit of which we might never see.”
Adapted from― Michelle Obama

JRC is a special place. Together, we learn, pray, celebrate, find spirituality, create community, and share our lives. How can we plan for JRCers that follow us?

As Reconstructionists, we recognize that the Jewish people’s God, Torah, and peoplehood experience have changed and grown throughout history.  JRC is a place where we can grab the Jewish experience and make it our own.

Belonging to the Jewish community comes before ritual or belief. Through our shared past and communal worship, study, and celebration, we affirm our sense of belonging. Our congregation has created a participatory, egalitarian community, where members, rabbi, and board work closely together. Our core values – respect for the democratic process, pluralism, and accessibility shine through all we do. We celebrate the diversity of our members whose different traditions enrich community life.

Our children’s education program is pioneering family-centered education, training our younger members and their parents in Jewish history, rituals, and values. We offer adult education opportunities so that we may continue personal and spiritual growth throughout our lives. We give back to the Evanston community through our Tikkun Olam programs.

JRC is a bridge between our Jewish heritage and our future as individuals and as part of the broader Jewish community. You can ensure the future of that bridge through current and future gifts to the JRC Endowment Fund.

Our JRC Endowment Fund provides a permanent income source that can support and enhance the programs and activities that make JRC unique. You can perpetuate the values that make JRC special for you by pledging a gift to the JRC Endowment Fund or naming the JRC Endowment Fund in your will or estate plan. Like the person who plants a tree, you can enrich future lives with the vision and values of Reconstructionist Judaism and ensure that JRC will be a factor in your life, your children’s lives, and then forever.

Thank you for making a gift to the JRC Endowment Fund.

If you would like more information please contact the Development Committee at