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Early Childhood Class Descriptions

JRC Early Childhood Center provides high-quality early childhood education, with relationships as the foundation of a nurturing, joyful, and stimulating environment that supports children’s unique abilities to explore through play in order to build positive self-esteem and successful patterns of learning and problem-solving, and to develop empathy and appreciation for others. By responding to diverse backgrounds and interests, the JRC Early Childhood Center gives children and families the opportunity to explore Jewish identity and ritual, and to build life-long foundations for learning. 

Preschool Programs Available

Eytzim (Trees): 3 and 4 year-olds

Monday-Friday 9:15-12:00

In the Eytzim preschool class, children learn through play and exploration, and build positive self-esteem, successful patterns of learning and problem-solving, and empathy and appreciation for others. Teachers create a play based, developmental, emergent curriculum in partnership with the children’s interests and learning styles, and integrate literacy, math, science, art, music and movement into daily activities and projects. Children experience Jewish holidays and explore Judaic values throughout the year, and joyfully celebrate Shabbat each week with our JRC clergy.

Tuition: 5-day (9/9/21-6/2/22) – $6350/yr.

Shorashim (Roots): 2 year-olds

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-11:45

In the Shorashim class, two year-olds’ separation process is individualized to support the transition to preschool and the development of relationships with teachers and peers. Parent/caregiver and child attend together* at the beginning of the year until children feel secure and comfortable in the classroom and with their teachers. We then begin a gradual and respectful separation process. Through play, stories, and songs children participate in activities that support social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, explore Judaic themes and holidays, and celebrate Shabbat each week.

Tuition: 3-day (9/9/21-6/2/22) – $3600/yr.

*The parent/caregiver component of the Fall 2021 Shorashim class will depend on Covid precautions and related licensing regulations at that time. If it is not possible for parents/caregivers to attend the class at the beginning of the year, we will plan instead for multiple class visits and outdoor class time to support the separation process and transition to school.

Extend Your Day 

Early Bird Drop-Off (8:30-9:15) 
Lunch Extended Day (12:00-1:30) 

Children in the Eytzim class are encouraged to extend their day by registering for Lunch Extended Day. Children bring a vegetarian, nut-free lunch from home and eat with their teachers and classmates, providing additional opportunities for social interaction and development. After lunch, children participate in extended projects and rotating activities focused on science, art, music and movement.

Discounted Tuition Provided with Advanced Registration

JRC Early Childhood Center is a participant in JUF Right Start.

JUF Right Start encourages Jewish early childhood education and strengthen a family’s bond to the Jewish community, JUF Right Start provides Gift Vouchers towards the cost of a Jewish early childhood education. Gift Vouchers from $500 to $2,000 are provided to families sending their children to a Jewish early childhood program for the first time. This program is funded and administered by the Jewish United Fund.

For more information or to apply, please visit: