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Hebrew Programming

Sound to Print Learning: #Onward Hebrew

JRC has joined a group of over 30 schools in the country who are turning Hebrew Instruction on its head! Rather than relying on the same decoding strategies that have been part of Hebrew school for the past 100 years, JRC’s Hebrew program will focus on the Sound to Print method of language acquisition—which is the way that we all learned our primary language, as well as the way that foreign language instruction is being taught in public schools. We will be infusing more Hebrew into our program — from weekly Hebrew letters and words of the week, to Hebrew through Movement, to daily tefillah (worship services). The goal is that with students hearing Hebrew aurally and developing a large Hebrew vocabulary before they start decoding, that way the process will go much quicker and be more enjoyable for them. It will also allow more class time to focus on the Judaic parts of our program.

More details of ournew 2021-2022 curriculum are coming soon!

You can read more about the approach here.

Small Group Hebrew

Formal decoding instruction begins in 5th and 6th grades. On Tuesdays, our students learn Hebrew in small cohorts of 5 or fewer students. We offer several levels of instruction, as well as individualized tutoring for those who need a more 1:1 or differentiated approach.