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Hebrew Programming

Our Hebrew school curriculum is designed to provide students with the following:

  • A familiarity with the Hebrew language and Jewish Life Vocabulary
  • The ability to read in Hebrew
  • An understanding that Hebrew is an important part of our Jewish history and culture, and that Hebrew is both a holy and a living language
  • The ability to follow and lead a worship service and to understand the order of the service
  • A knowledge and understanding of the prayers for weekdays, Shabbat and holidays
  • Familiarity with the melodies of the prayers that are chanted during services and songs connected with our holidays


Sound to Print Learning: Creating Sound Rich Hebrew Environments

JRC has joined a group of over 100 Hebrew schools across the country who are turning Hebrew instruction on its head! JRC’s Hebrew program on Sundays uses a “Sound to Print” method of language acquisition which has learners immersed in sound rich Hebrew environments where Hebrew is infused into our program — from weekly Hebrew letters and words of the week, to weekly tefillah (worship services), to our small groups and individualized focus that helps each student achieve success with Hebrew. Similar to Jewish Camp, learners don’t formally learn the language on Sundays, but will be in classrooms that use Hebrew and Jewish life vocabulary to help connect students to their heritage and give them cultural confidence and competence.

Small Group Hebrew Cohorts

On Tuesdays, our 5th and 6th grade students participate in our small group Hebrew cohorts of five students or fewer. In the 2021-2022 calendar year we will offer opportunities for both in-person Hebrew groups and online Hebrew groups. Students receive the personalized attention that they need in these groups to make progress each week. This year our program will utilize a combination of print and digital materials from a program known as JLearnHub. Beginning students will start learning the letters and the vowels using Hebrew Step By Step, and students who have learned the letters and vowels will move onto JLearnHub’s Beit Midrash Prayer Literacy, which helps students continue to practice Hebrew through the study of B’nai Mitzvah Prayers. 

Introduction to ShalomLearning JLearnHub Program from ShalomLearning on Vimeo.

Supporting Learners with Unique Learning Needs and Hebrew

Our Hebrew instructors are trained in the Orton Gillingham Method. Orton Gillingham is a multi-sensory, phonetic approach to Hebrew decoding skills. This is an innovative, and revolutionary methodology that was developed after extensive research on teaching Hebrew decoding skills to children with dyslexia and other language and reading disabilities. It is important to note that OG Hebrew is an approach that can be used with any program. It is a method of teaching and a variety of tools for teachers to use in a structured and systematic manner, and while it was developed to help teach dyslexic children, its strategies are beneficial for all learners.