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Experience Ritual

JRC welcomes everyone who is committed to a serious and deeply satisfying Jewish life within a pluralistic community.

If you are searching for a place where you can learn more about Judaism, celebrate the richness of our tradition, and participate in the creation of new forms of expression, you have found it in JRC. Our services and liturgy are spiritually engaged and intellectually honest, driven by our passionate clergy and an engaged grassroots leadership. 

Learn more about how we experience ritual:



Shabbat is a way to experience a pause and joy and gratitude and community and connectivity. Learn more about how we observe Shabbat at JRC.


Tuesday Minyan

Our weekday Minyan meets once a week, giving members a chance to say Kaddish for a loved one. Learn more about our Tuesday Minyan.


High Holidays

The High Holidays are a time to come back into Jewish time and space. At JRC, we learn what it means to atone, to renew, to mix sweetness and confession, to do them collectively and make them relevant for today. Learn more about progressive High Holiday offerings at JRC.


Festivals & Holidays

What’s common in all our gathering is an honoring of the traditions we’ve inherited, a soulful examination of how they apply — or don’t — to the world in which we live, and a thirst for connection and knowledge and meaning. Learn more about festivals and holidays at JRC.


Life Cycle Events

We observe and mark important moments in our members’ lives as an acknowledgment of the transition from one state of being to the next, mindfully and spiritually. Learn more about how we mark life cycle events.


Sing Along with Cantor Howard

Need a chance to brush up on the melodies of prayer and celebration? From Torah and Haftorah blessings to those we say in our homes on Shabbat, we turn to these recordings by our beloved Cantor Howard Friedland.


Pray With Your Feet

For many JRC members, our most powerful and meaningful connection to spiritual life is enacted through our activism. Opportunities abound to connect our Judaism with activism through Tikkun Olam — the sacred act of repairing the world. Learn more about how we pray with our feet at JRC.