Giving Stock

For tzedakah, or for any financial commitments to JRC

Gifts of securities offer significant tax advantages for the donor and are easy to make. These gifts can be used for a specific commitment to JRC or for all of your obligations for the year.

Here’s how to make a transfer:

1. Fill out this letter

Download and complete JRC’s stock contribution letter. Instructions are included in the file.

Download Word Doc

2. Send it to your financial person

Fax or email a copy of the completed letter to your financial person. Be sure to ask your them how they prefer to be notified (some only accept faxes). Follow up by mailing a hard copy as well.

3. Notify JRC

This is crucial. Please fax or email a copy to the JRC office, c/o Micky Baer.
Stock transfers do not identify the donor, and if the office is not made aware of your gift (including the amount and how it is to be applied) the liquidation might not happen quickly and the price of the security might change in the gap.

4. Confirm, and keep a copy for your records

Your financial person should send you back the letter with the bottom part filled out.