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Giving Stock

For tzedakah, or for any financial commitments to JRC

Gifts of securities offer significant tax advantages for the donor and are easy to make. These gifts can be used for a specific commitment to JRC or for all of your obligations for the year.

Here’s how to make a transfer:

Please provide your Broker with the following information: All DTC Eligible Securities:

Name: Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation
Deliver to DTC # 0571
Acct. No. G401124396

  1. Please instruct your broker to enter identifying information (i.e. your name and address, phone number, program) into the “Text Comment” field of the DTC screen.
  2. Please also notify JRC of the donation details, including name of stock/s, estimated sale amount, and instructions on how funds should be applied, by emailing them to Micky Baer,
  3. If you would like to transfer shares of mutual funds, please contact Chris Prince at Oppenheimer or a member of his team at (312) 360-5593 or at, to make certain that the shares can be accepted.

Please note that stock and mutual fund transfers can take 3-5 business days.