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Welcoming Interfaith Families

Welcoming Interfaith Families is a JRC Value.

Whether you are Jewish, Jew-ish, partnered with someone Jewish, and/or raising Jewish children you are in good company at JRC. We support and encourage all members to participate in the full spectrum of JRC life from our Kehillah family education program, adult education, creating programming, and board service. Our community recognizes that families often celebrate holidays and traditions from other faiths. We welcome questions, curiosity, differing perspectives, and you!

The importance of welcoming interfaith families corresponds to the JRC Board’s strategic values of kehillah (community) and living in two civilizations.

JRC's Values in Action

JRC's members, both as a congregation and as individuals, are dedicated to a variety of social justice movements and causes. You'll find a link at the bottom of each of our VALUES pages that will connect you to a congregant coordinating these efforts; please reach out for more information.

How we engage with Welcoming Interfaith Families at JRC.

  • We wholeheartedly welcome interfaith families to JRC. Our clergy are comfortable officiating Jewish weddings for interfaith couples.
  • Some of us joined the Jewish people at birth, others joined the Jewish people as adults, and others have yet to become Jewish or won’t choose to do so. Membership is open to all.
  • Rabbi Rachel offers ongoing learning opportunities around being “Jew-ish,” helping our members discover for themselves what it means to be Jewish, including being part of an interfaith family.
  • JRC takes part in the annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve service led by members of Evanston congregational leaders.
  • JRC offers a member-led discussion group on studying the New Testament from a Jewish perspective.