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Protecting the Vulnerable

Protecting the Vulnerable is a JRC Value.

At JRC, we’re aware of the many ways that our world is broken. We’re committed to better understanding how structural racism and other forms of oppression bring harm and how to create more just systems of care.

JRC belongs to multiple social justice coalitions that work to prevent violence and trauma and are dedicated to promoting positive change and greater community well-being and healing.  

The importance of protecting the vulnerable corresponds to the JRC Board’s strategic values of kehillah (community), tikkun olam (repair of the world), btzelem elohim (made in God’s image), and chesed (loving kindness).

JRC's Values in Action

JRC's members, both as a congregation and as individuals, are dedicated to a variety of social justice movements and causes. You'll find a link at the bottom of each of our VALUES pages that will connect you to a congregant coordinating these efforts; please reach out for more information.

How we engage with Protecting the Vulnerable at JRC.

  • JRC has multiple task forces and other groups involved in this work, including:
  • JRC belongs to several Coalitions / Organizations, including:
  • Our members participate in a multi-faith cohort of Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED), a national curriculum.
  • Our Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) Task Force group emails (approximately monthly) send our members information about gun violence prevention and ACTIONS to promote common sense gun legislation and GVP programs.
  • Members have participated in JCUA training programs such as all-day “Racial Justice Training”, “Building Your Base” and “Intersections of Antisemitism and White Supremacy.”
  • Judy Levey, Executive Director of  JCUA, joined us in summer 2023 for a Lakefront Shabbat crash on “What is JCUA and what is our connection?”
  • We have hosted post-Shabbat presentations about JCUA and two of its grassroots organizing campaigns, Bring Chicago Home (BCH) and Treatment Not Trauma (TNT).
  • JRC members are active, vocal supporters of Reproductive Rights, including the right for anyone with a uterus to have access to safe and legal abortion services. To that end:
    • We proudly display outdoor signage with this sentiment, provided by the National Council for Jewish Women.
    • JRC participates annually in the National Council for Jewish Women’s Repro Shabbat, an annual Shabbat celebration honoring reproductive freedom.
  • We participate in Walk for Warmth, a two-mile fundraising walk organized by Interfaith Action of Evanston, to raise money and awareness for Interfaith Action’s homeless shelter.
  • JRC members support the overnight emergency shelter by circulating sign ups for shifts, and Kehillah kids and families collect and donate toiletry kits.