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Values-Based Judaism

We are proud of our mission statement and love to share it as often as possible:

“JRC is a diverse, participatory, and sacred community dedicated to a daring, deeply-rooted, Judaism.”

We amplify and implement our core values throughout our programming, learning, social action, and ritual life:

  • Kehillah, Community: We value our collective life as a congregational community.
  • B’tzelem Elohim, Made in God’s Image: Affirming with understanding and acceptance the fundamental equality, fair treatment, and inclusion of all people regardless of our differences.
  • Tikkun Olam, Repair of the World: We are committed to creating a just world and supporting others in this mission.
  • Chesed, Loving Kindness: Showing up for one another and taking action to help those in need.
  • Living in Two Civilizations: As Reconstructionist Jews we understand that we live in both American and Jewish civilizations – and that the values of each support and strengthen our identity as Jewish Americans.
  • K’vod Sicha, Respectful Conversation: We use an intentional process to discuss difficult issues in order to honor our diversity, encourage a cohesive congregation where we agree to disagree, and allow authentic conversations to unfold.
  • Bal Tashchit, Do Not Waste or Destroy: We take seriously our responsibility to preserve and replenish the Earth’s limited resources.

Our members take the lead, inspiring and designing the activities and actions available to our congregation and beyond. Whether it is our presence at the Chicago Pride Parade; ensuring that we maintain our green building and our mindful use of resources; engaging respectfully and compassionately with Israel-Palestine; or continuing to explore how we can be most accessible, JRC members create space and support for what drives us.

We are committed to engaging with our ever-changing community, country and world in ways that promote our values, our passions and our hope for equity, freedom, peace, and prosperity for all.

Click on the values listed below to learn more about our practical approaches to tikkun olam – healing the world.