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Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation

Welcome to JRC

JRC is a diverse, participatory, and sacred community dedicated to a daring, deeply-rooted Judaism.

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Welcome to JRC

Our 400-plus household congregation is known for joyful spirituality, intellectual curiosity, inclusivity, and a deep commitment to social justice. JRC is about people – our members- and providing them with meaningful rituals and services and Jewish learning experiences, special events, and many opportunities to make lifelong friends.


Reconstructionist Judaism Was Made For This Moment: Rabbi Rachel Weiss

Reconstructionist Judaism is both deeply rooted in Jewish traditions and boldly relevant to the complexity and plurality of the times in which we live.  We balance customs and long-observed traditions with the needs of contemporary Jews today. Core to Reconstructionism is the belief that Judaism is the evolving religious civilization of the Jewish people; such a civilization contains ritual, music, text, art, history, sociology, food, literature, politics, and most importantly, Jewish Community.

“JRC is such a special place to me and to my family. We often note that JRC fills us up in ways we didn’t realize were empty and in need of filling.”

Jeremy E.

JRC Member

“Cantor Howard brings musicality, joy, and comfort. And Rabbi Weiss so genuinely and eloquently incorporates teachings from the Torah with everyday life in such a meaningful and powerful way.”

Jen F.

JRC Member

“I’m inspired by the commitment, passion, and intellectual curiosity of JRC members who don’t just talk about Tikkun Olam, but take real action to make this world a better place.”

Micky Baer

Executive Director, JRC

From Our Assistant Rabbi for Education

A Welcome to Families from Rabbi David Eber


At JRC’s Religious School, students and teachers are happy and engaged. Although we believe it’s important that school be fun, we’re serious about our responsibility to partner with parents to cultivate the Jewish values that will serve our children throughout their lives, in their personal relationships and as global citizens. Like many congregations, we consider ourselves “a community of learners” and at JRC, the emphasis is on the word “community.”


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A View of the Past Year

A View of the Past Year

JRC is an amazing, vibrant, dedicated, and participatory community. At last year's annual meeting, we described how JRC had managed to adapt to the unexpected lockdown as the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. Like many other organizations, we tackled new challenges with...

Zooming into My New Job

Zooming into My New Job

“Wow. That must have been really hard.” This is consistently the response I get when people hear that I began a new job as a synagogue executive director in May, at the beginning of the pandemic (doesn’t everyone mark time by where an event falls in relation to the...


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Location: 303 Dodge Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202

Telephone: 847-328-7678


“Talk about stumbling into the Promised Land! Having serendipitously found JRC when I wasn’t even seeking them out, I found myself blessed to bond with a community of souls whose spiritual depth is evident through their intention of connection, justice, and self-reflection. JRC brings the spiritual legacy of our ancestors into practical present-day relevance, by way of laughter, love, and sweetness. JRC is the best of family, awaiting your arrival, with open arms, and an open heart.”

Frederick W

JRC Member